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EV Charger 2023

Smart EV Charger 2023 is the next generation AC charger that incorporates user-friendly features such as a smart EV fire detection solution, Air Plug (BT PnC) technology, based on load-balancing from the last version of the Smart EV Charger.


Designated as a second-phase innovative product for the Procurement Service of Korea in 2023.

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OCPP 1.6 Certification


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Smart EV fire detection solution

When an emergency event, including a fire, is detected in a room, the system automatically relays the event to the control center so that a quick and efficient response can be implemented.

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Air Plug Solution

EVAR provides more a convenient experiences to its users by authorizing them without app or card recognition through the BT PnC(Plug and Charge) system.

Dynamic Updatable ID

By applying E-link Display built in the supply equipment without any color change or failure, Charger ID can be updated remotely after being installed on a site.

How to use

Through the Air Plug (BT PnC) technology, EVAR provides its users with a more convenient experience.
After parking, simply plugging in the connector to an EV
without complicated authentication initiates the charging process
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