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 Autonomous EV Recharging Robot

World First Autonomous EV Recharging Robot.
Using image marker reference, our robot can automatically find direction to your EV.


EV Automatic Recharging Robot_Features_1.png

EV life without Charge Anxiety

No need to look for EV Charger. Simply park your car and use NFC nearby to call EV charging robot to your car.

Park Anywhere

Within the parking lot, our robot will find the direction through image marker. QR Code in connector will automatically guide robot to your car.

Triple safety sensors

Autonomous Robot has LiDAR, Ultrasonic, Bumpers for safety. When the robot encounters obstacles, the robot will stop by recognize obstacle through these three sensors.

(Class A patent application completed)

How to use

Simply Park your car anywhere in the parking lot.
Mount EV robot connector on your license plate.
Send charge request by tagging NFC nearby
and let the Robot will do the rest.
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