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EV Charger 2022

Smart EV Charger is a fixed, standard level 2 charger with an intuitive design that anyone can use easily.

Smart EV Charger provides smart, efficient charging system through Bluetooth Mesh Technology and convenient system through NFC payment system

Registered on the Procurement on the Nara Jangteo website (item identification number : 24807569)

Smart City



& Smart Energy

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OCPP 1.6 Certification



Dynamic Load Balancing

Power can be divided and shared through Bluetooth function built into Smart EV Charger. It makes the power supply more efficient and the charger can be installed up to five in a 7kw grid. It also has auto-recognition capabilities, which eliminates the need for separate connectivity operations.

Improve electrical efficiency

Provide twice the efficiency of Power Grid compare to conventional charger.

Minimizing the required expansion of a premise's electric capacity

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Easy and quick installation

Our Patent Technology allows anyone to install products easily.No Server or Auxiliary system required.

Cost and money saving

With multiple installation in same power grid, you can save upto 70% of costs. Monthly fixed costs can be saved up to 80%.

How to use

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Simply park in front of any Smart EV Charger.
Simply tag card your card or use QR Code and start Charging.
Dynamic Load-Balancing is automatically applied even when you are away.
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