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We are the World's First Developer of Autonomous EV Recharging Robot
while performing R&D on EV Charging and related services.

EVAR is spin-off from Samsung Electronic C-Lab
and we aims for Hassle Free, Stress Free EV Recharging Environment.
As number of EV continues to increase,
we believe our Products are solution for Charging Infrastructure.

Innovating way
to Charge Electric Vehicles

As the demand and supply of electric vehicles increases, the demand for EV Charger increases and various EV Charger methods have been developed to solve the shortage. EVAR tackles this problem in an innovative way and prepares for the future. Furthermore, EVAR is building charging infrastructure that can charge EV anytime, anywhere a driver wants through various products and services.


에바 단체 흑백 사진(보정후)_edited.jpg
Start-Up with a Small Possibility
In 2016, Lee Hoon, CEO of EVAR decided to buy an electric vehicle and signed the deal. But soon, joy turned into worries. Because there were simply not enough EV stations in the residential area. Particularly, apartment management required EV owners to get written consent from all neighbors to install EV chargers. Furthermore, majority were pessimistic about installing EV chargers.

Then, 'Portable Battery' caught his eye. He asked himself. 'Can't electric vehicles be charged with auxiliary batteries like mobile phones? Then it would be more convenient to charge while moving around by itself?' This idea led to Samsung's C-Lab Project, which ultimately became foundation of EVAR.

EVAR currently performs number of Research and Development with investment and support from several companies including but not limited to Samsung Electronics, Naver, Hyundai Motors and other leading Global Corporation. EVAR members are in development of Self-Driving, Equipment Design, and Software Development which are core identity of EVAR.


"Electric Vehicle Life
Without Charge Anxiety"

We have a special mission. We want to deliver innovative experiences and lifestyles to electric vehicle drivers beyond the creation of individual product or services. Right this moment, members of EVAR is committed to deliver innovative experience through endless research and development.


EVAR wins Honoree in Two Category at CES 2022 Innovation Award
Best Innovation Award from Lotte Construction
Series A funding from leading Global Companies including Hyundai Motors
Launching 'Smart Charger' in Korea 
Launching the interim business of 'On-Demand Charging Service' 
Test Launching 'Mobile EV Charger' in Jeju Island
Nominated by the Korean government for its special zone of regulatory freedom
Pre-series A funding from NAVER, ETRI, Schmidt 
Spin-off via Samsung Electronics 'C-Lab Program'
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