EV Charger

Dynamic Load-Balancing Charger
The most reasonable solution for
easy EV charging in all parking lots.
Easy to use with intuitive design.
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EV Charger

Mobile charging Cart
Easy-to-Move, Mobile, Fast-Charging solution that can be installed where EV charging is needed.
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On Demand(반사)png.png

On Demand

Charging Service with battery on board of truck
Provide Complimentary or Emergency Service
to EV Drivers through Apps.

Autonomous EV
Recharging Robot

First in World EV Charging Robot

Fully automatic charging system
with autonomous driving to find and charge EVs.
Product_EV Automatic Recharging Robot.png

Rapid EV Charger

EV Fast Chargnig Solution

Rapid EV Charger with built in
Load-Balancing capability
allowing upto 100kW charging speed.
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Indoor SLAM Infrastructure

Positioning System using Image Marker
Most efficient and accurate indoor autonomous driving infrastructure technology without GPS.
Product_Indoor self-driving positioning infrastructure.png